Scholarship Programs & Financial Aid

We are committed to supporting singers in their study with CYC through our scholarships and financial aid programs. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to donate to one of these very important programs.

Shining Star Scholarship

The need-based Shining Star Scholarship Program assists young singers with a full scholarship for tuition for one year in the CYC. Singers are able to build a unique bond with the donor of their scholarship, and donors are able to take pride in seeing their young singer grow and thrive in the CYC. Singers may apply for this scholarship at the time of enrollment.


Discovery Program

This program builds relationships between CYC and school choirs in the greater Austin area. By making connections with local music teachers, voice teachers, and choir directors, we seek to identify singers who share a passion for classical choral music. The Discovery Program offers incoming singers a one-year merit scholarship to apply toward their tuition. Since recipients of this scholarship must remain, members of their home choir, we hope to support our local school choir programs by giving their singers additional enriching experiences in the CYC. Singers are only eligible for this program through teacher recommendation.

Financial Aid Program

CYC members may apply for a limited amount of need-based assistance to help with tuition costs.