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Love Calls You (Christmas 2006)

John Boutté studied at Xavier University, a black Catholic institution known in New Orleans and indeed the entire Deep South. After graduating John was commissioned as officer in the U. S. Army, and provided with the opportunity to direct and sing in the Army gospel choirs in Virginia, Texas and, eventually, Korea. It was in Korea, ironically, when singing gospel and deep, deep blues after hours in restaurants he'd only accidentally entered, that he began to know himself as an American, an artist and a person. Not long after his return to the States, John was invited to tour almost the entirety of Europe with his sister Lillian. Europe was a set of lessons in languages and cultures and customs, which gave John a chance to meditate on the very idea of a life led as a jazz singer. When John eventually got back home to New Orleans he continued singing. But now there was a new generation, a new breed of musicians available; musicians like Herlin Riley, Shannon Powell, Nicholas Payton and Bryan Blade. He began to open shows for the likes of Mel Torme, Lou Rawls, Rosemary Clooney and, most recently, Herbie Hancock. In recent times he has recorded three CD's: Through the Eyes of A Child , Scotch and Soda, and the remarkable Jambalaya, recorded for Bose. Yet another CD entitled Gospel United, a concert recording arranged in Denmark, contains his remarkable solo arrangement of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", which has achieved Gold Record status in several European markets. John still lives in New Orleans, next door to the home in which he was raised. Sometimes you can hear him singing, sometimes whistling, or sometimes you can hear him faintly from the street as he sits at his piano singing a Korean lullaby. John's job is to sing — to sing jazz, to sing it with such style and grace that no one ever mistakes him for anything other than a master. John is one of those remarkable cases where the art arises from the true heart. To know John is to hold onto the coattails of a butterfly. To hear him sing is to feel a brief touch of the wing. (Photo Michael Crook)
With Special Guest Artist John Boutté

Recorded live December 2006 at The Carillon, Austin, TX

Additional musical arrangements, piano/vocal performances by Craig Hella Johnson

  1. Rorate Coeli (Gregorian chant)
  2. Wayfarin’ Stranger (traditional spiritual)
  3. Arvoles Lloran Por Luvia (Sephardic song; arr. Ramon Tasat)
  4. Prayer for the Captive (Shaker melody; arr. Kevin Siegfried)
  5. Are There No Armies (Kevin Oldham)
  6. A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
  7. Hide Not Thou Thy Face (Richard Farrant)
  8. The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee (Jean Berger)
  9. Please Send Me Someone to Love (Percy Mayfield)
  10. Lo How a Rose e’er Blooming (traditional)
  11. A Thousand Beautiful Things (Annie Lennox)
  12. Hodie Christus Natus est (Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina)
  13. Love Calls You by Your Name (Leonard Cohen) / Home Tonight (Chris Rice)
  14. Nearer My God to Thee (Lowell Mason) / When I Fall in Love (Edward Heyman)
  15. What shall I give him (Gustav Holst)
  16. On the Turning Away (David Gilmour, Anthony Moore)
  17. How I Got Over (Dorothy Pearson, Clara Ward)
  18. Al Shlosha D’Varim (Allan E. Naplan)
  19. Go Tell It On The Mountain (African American spiritual)
  20. Silent Night (Franz Gruber) / Impossible Dream (Mitch Leigh/Joseph Darion)
  21. Endless Song (Robert Lowry)
  22. Recessional (Not one Sparrow is Forgotten) (Shaker hymn, arr. William Hawley)
  23. Home (Steve Wood)
  24. Dance Me to the End of Love (Leonard Cohen)
  25. This Marriage (Eric Whitacre)
  26. Love Calls You By Your Name (Leonard Cohen)
  27. I Could Have Danced All Night (Frederick Loewe, arr. CHJ)