All of Us Virtual Choir Project

Welcome singers and directors! We invite you to join the largest All of Us choir to date in a joint project between Conspirare and the University at Albany. The group will be comprised of choirs across the country who have sung this work from Considering Matthew Shepard alongside Conspirare singers in concert, with their own high school and university choirs, and those who are simply moved to share their voice during this time. Click here for an interactive map of participating choirs.

To register participation and obtain media release information for you or your group, please fill out the form here. Only one form should be submitted per choir by the individual responsible for group communications. The deadline for recording submissions has been extended to Monday, May 4, 2020. 

Conspirare Artistic Director, Craig Hella Johnson, welcomes the Virtual All of Us Choir:

What Notes Do I Sing? Click here for a breakdown of measurements sung for each part and section.

For Choir Directors: 
Please assign your singers to the voice part that would be best for them. Here are the options from high voice to low voice, with approximate percentages of each section optimal for each part:

  • Soprano 1a (25%), Soprano 1b (25%), and Soprano 2 (50%)
  • Alto 1a (25%), Alto 1b (25%), Alto 2a (25%), and Alto 2b (25%)
  • Tenor 1 (50%), Tenor 2a (25%), and Tenor 2b (25%)
  • Bass 1 (50%), Bass 2a (25%) and Bass 2b (25%)

Do not worry about balance! We will be adjusting balance with our sound engineer once we receive all recordings. Lean toward placing singers in the section that would be most comfortable for them.

Librettist Michael Dennis Browne reflects on “All of Us” lyrics: 

Choir Rosters and Group Photos
Please upload your roster and group photo by clicking here. If you have performed Considering Matthew Shepard and have performance photos, you may also upload those here. If you have Considering Matthew Shepard performance video, please send a link to Jaime Leighton at Do not send an attachment.

Please use the following naming conventions for your uploads:
When uploading group photos: Choir Name_Group Photo
When uploading roster: Choir Name_Roster
When uploading Considering Matthew Shepard performance photo: Choir Name_CMS Performance_Group Photo

Recording Specifications and base tracks:
Click here to view the recording specifications PDF
The deadline for submissions has been extended to Friday, May 1, 2020. Recording specifications can also be accessed, along with base tracks, by visiting Dropbox. To reference voice only tracks, click here. To reference voice predominant practice tracks, click here. Once you have completed your recording, please save it using the following format:
Singer Choir_First and Last Name_ Part/Section_Date of upload
Example: Conspirare_Jaime Leighton_Soprano 1a_04.13.20

Conspirare has created a folder for each section/part. Please upload your audio recording to the appropriate folder below.

Click here to upload to folder Soprano 1a
Click here to upload to folder Soprano 1b
Click here to upload to folder Soprano 2

Click here to upload to folder Alto 1a
Click here to upload to folder Alto 2a
Click here to upload to folder Alto 1b
Click here to upload to folder Alto 2b

Click here to upload to folder Tenor 1
Click here to upload to folder Tenor 2a
Click here to upload to folder Tenor 2b

Click here to upload to folder Bass 1
Click here to upload to folder Bass 2a
Click here to upload to folder Bass 2b

All of Us Choir, Ravinia Festival performance of Considering Matthew Shepard, 2019


~With special thanks to Mike Pfitzer, Elliott Forrest, Brad MIchel, and the Conspirare Singers~


Interactive Map

Over 35 choirs from around the world are lending their voices to this project! Traverse the interactive map below to learn more about the participating choirs.