Cynthia Clawson & Craig Hella Johnson

2007 2-Disc Set
A collection of favorite live recordings with four previously unreleased tracks

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Cynthia Clawson, vocals; Craig Hella Johnson vocals and piano


  1. Angel Be (Craig Hella Johnson)
  2. How Do You Keep The Music Playing? (Michael Legrand)
  3. By My Side / Come, Ye Disconsolate (Stephen Schwartz/Samuel Webbe)
  4. Will There Really Be A Morning? (Craig Hella Johnson)
  5. Georgia Lee (Tom Waits)
  6. Stay Awake (arr. Craig Hella Johnson)
  7. Dancing the Mystery / He Leadeth Me (Craig Hella Johnson/W.B. Bradbury)
  8. Song of Bernadette (Leonard Cohen)
  9. Nearer My God to Thee / When I Fall in Love (Lowell Mason/Edward Heyman)
  10. To Mother You (Sinead O’Connor)
  11. All That a Heart (Craig Hella Johnson)
  12. Whispering Hope (Alice Hawthorne)
  13. Silent Night / Impossible Dream (Franz Gruber/Mitch Leigh, Joseph Darion)


  1. Shall We Gather (Carlson/Stromberg/Lowry)
  2. On Fine Nights / When My Soul Goes Home (Chant/Cynthia Clawson, David Maddux)
  3. A Dream Is a Wish / I Have Imagined (David, Hoffman, Livingston/Ken Medema)
  4. Beautiful (Craig Hella Johnson)
  5. Don’t Know Much (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Tom Snow)
  6. Cathedrals (Jay Clifford)
  7. I Could Have Danced All Night (arr. Craig Hella Johnson)
  8. I Love You (Randy Stonehill, Larry Norman)
  9. Angel Be (Craig Hella Johnson)