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Conspirare is committed to the repertoire of the choral canon and to engaging in musical performances which represent both the voices of today and voices that have been silenced or under-represented. We actively seek to commission works to achieve this goal, firmly believing in the integrity and power of new music’s place in a vast choral repertoire. We are furthermore committed to the deepest and widest exploration of fresh expressions, styles and presentations, and commissioning has thus become an integral part of the organization. Throughout our history, we have championed new music with the support of our Conspirare patrons and numerous organizations. These works, in addition to unlisted commissions, comprise an important piece of our present music-making and legacy.[/su_tab]

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  • Hymn to the Earth by Donald Grantham (2003)
  • La canción desesperada by Donald Grantham (2014 revision of 2005 work)
  • Poemas de Amor by Stephen Paulus (2006). Commissioned as part of Conspirare’s NEA American Masterpieces Festival “Exploring Influence And Finding Our Voice”
  • Had I Not Seen the Sun, Tal vez tenemos tiempo, I Had No Time to Hate by Tarik O’Regan (all 2007) 
  • The Changing Light  by Peter Scott Lewis (2009). Commissioned by Conspirare and the Sanford Dole Ensemble
  • oh graveyard (Lay This Body Down) by David Lang (2010) 
  • Death is gonna lay his icy cold hands on me by Tarik O’Regan (2010)
  • Same Train by Mark Adamo (2011) 
  • Easter Chorale (Chorale for Ascension Day) by Samuel Barber (1965), a new version for chamber orchestra by Robert Kyr (2011)
  • Freedom Song by Robert Kyr (2011) 
  • The Lovers by Samuel Barber (1971), a new version for chamber orchestra by Robert Kyr (2011)
  • Songs of the Soul by Robert Kyr (2011) 
  • If I Were a Swan and To Touch the Sky by Kevin Puts (both 2012). Commissioned by Thelma Hunter Fund of the American Composers Forum and Conspirare
  • The Cloud of Unknowing by Robert Kyr (2013) 
  • The Radio Hour by Jake Heggie (2014).  Pacific Chorale, lead co-commissioner, with co-commissioners Conspirare, The Philadelphia Singers and VocalEssence
  • This Delicate Universe by Eric Banks (2015). Commissioned with the support of Chorus America’s Dale Warland Singers Award
  • How Little You Are by Nico Muhly (2015). Commissioned by Texas Performing Arts for Austin Classical Guitar and Conspirare with support from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  • Come to the Woods by Jake Runestad (2015)
  • Considering Matthew Shepard by Craig Hella Johnson (2016) 
  • Songs for Muska by Jocelyn Hagen (to be performed Season 2016-17)