Where the audience is the choir!

5:30pm, Thursday

St. Martin’s Lutheran Church
606 15th St. W., Austin, TX 78701

Big Sings run 60-75 minutes.

Come Together

Raise your voice at Conspirare’s Big Sing!

We invite one and all to come together with songs of healing, comfort, empowerment and renewal. In the midst of these intense and challenging times, we will sing together as a way of remembering our powerful connections with one another and expressing these common bonds in song. Musical selections at Big Sings range from familiar rounds, spirituals, and Beatles songs to popular 20th century standards from the Great American Songbook. Singers of all experiences levels welcome and no singing experience is required – we invite you to make your out of the shower debut with us at the Big Sing! With guitarist David Rosenblad and pianist Austin Haller

Craig Hella Johnson leads each Big Sing gathering in vocal warm-ups and short, melodic songs that can be easily learned. Johnson hand-picks music for each Big Sing to delight, thrill, and sometimes challenge the singing audience, always with remarkably beautiful and inspirational results. Conspirare Symphonic Choir members are among the audience to sing along and provide musical support and encouragement. Song sheets are provided. 

Big Sing! is made possible by The Rachael and Ben Vaughn Foundation.