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04.26.13 (8pm) The North Door, Austin, TX
♦ Standing Room only ($15/$10 Student)
04.27.13 (7pm) The North Door, Austin, TX
♦ Standing Room only ($15/$10 Student)
04.27.13 (9:30pm) The North Door, Austin, TX
♦ $20 Seats ($10 Student)

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Culture Map Feature 04.26.13

Advance reservations highly recommended for this small venue. Doors will open 1 hour prior to each early show and 30 minutes prior to the 9:30 show with cash bar and refreshments available before and during the performances. The North Door

press release

Explorations for Selected Fusion Pieces
Altri canti d'Amor by Claudio Monteverdi

One piece on tonight’s program is an excerpt from Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigal Altri canti d’Amor. Text and translation:

Altri canti d’Amor, tenero arciero,
i dolci vezzi, e i sospirati baci;
narri gli sdegni e le bramate paci
quand’unisce due alme un sol pensiero.

Di Marte io canto, furibondo e fiero,
iduri incontri, e le battaglie audaci;
strider le spade, e bombeggiar le faci,
fo nel mio canto bellicoso e fiero.

Tu cui tessuta han di cesareo alloro
la corona immortal Marte e Bellona,
gradisci il verde ancor novo lavoro,

che mentre guerre canta e guerre sona,
oh gran Fernando, l’orgoglioso choro,
del tuo sommo valor canta e ragiona.

Others sing of love, the tender archer: the sweet charms, the sighed-for
kisses. They tell of the scorn and the longed-for peace when one thought
unites two souls.

I sing of Mars, furious and fierce, the hard encounters, the daring
battles. In my warlike and fierce song I make the swords whistle and the
fires explode.

You who wove with Caesar’s laurels the immortal crown of Mars and
Bellona, welcome this new labour of the green.

For while I sing and sound of war, oh great Fernando, I sing and speak
of your great valour.

American Doll

Lacey Roop’s “American Doll” is one of the poems featured in the “Fusion” workshop performance. Lacey collected interesting video tributes to Marilyn Monroe, one of the poem’s subjects:

Fusion Polyphony

One of our “Fusion” experiments is collaborating to create polyphonic segments on four themes.
For more on polyphony, see
To explore musical textures (including polyphony) take this short course:

What a Wonderful World

The closing section of “Fusion” includes “What a Wonderful World.” This classic song has evolved as Conspirare has performed it over the years, and it seemed like a natural piece to try out with this group of poets. The piece continues to evolve and we look forward to sharing it with you this weekend at “Fusion.” Here’s how it was done for Conspirare’s 2009 PBS special

At KUT Studios (l to r): slam poets Strack, Roop and Burke; Johnson; KUT’s Mike Lee

Feel the heat as new art is created. Passionate and powerful Austin slam poets Kevin Burke, Lacey Roop, and Danny Strack join Craig Hella Johnson and a small group of Company of Voices singers to weave musical magic with the spoken word. Presented in workshop format, the singers and poets will collaborate to riff, improvise, and create, making every performance unique. Craig Hella Johnson will conduct, play piano, maybe sing along, and compose, arrange, and shape the program. It’s choral music redefined, and your presence sparks the fire.

Conspirare Fusion Singers
Estelí Gomez Matt Alber
Stefanie Moore Carr Hornbuckle
Kathlene Ritch Cameron Beauchamp
Laura Mercado-Wright  
Slam Poet Guest Artists

Kevin W. Burke
A native of Chicago’s Southland, Kevin W. Burke moved to Austin a little over two years ago. Though a fresh face in the local poetry scene, his honesty and his voice rooted in hip-hop rhythm and punk rock passion have been turning heads and have earned him the reputation of one of the more vibrant performance poets in Austin. Burke was the 2011 Austin Poetry Slam Champion, 2011 Southwest Shootout Individual Slam Champion, and most recently the 2011 Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival Champion.
YouTube video, Kevin Burke

Lacey Roop
Lacey Roop is a nationally acclaimed spoken word poet. In 2011, she placed 6th at the Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS). She been the Individual World Poetry Slam (IWPS) representative for Austin as well as a two-time member of the renowned Austin Poetry Slam. Roop has toured from Texas to Canada and everywhere in-between and has shared stages with numerous artists from finger-painting kindergardeners to The Wailers. She has authored three self-published chapbooks and one full length collection, And Then Came the Flood, published by Timbermouse.
YouTube video, Lacey Roop

Danny Strack
Danny Strack is Slammaster of the Austin Poetry Slam, 2010 Austin Grand Slam Champion and a regular at venues throughout Central Texas. Danny has performed in hundreds of poetry slams, reading over 200 different poems and winning over 30 slams. Danny performs, features, and runs workshops at open mics, schools, and music venues in Texas and beyond. In 2010, His one-man poetry show, Growth, won a FronteraFest Best-of-Fest award. He is also a member of Austin-based Smoke and Mirrors Cabaret, serving as host, writer, juggler, magician, and occasional buffoon.
YouTube video, Danny Strack

“I’ve been a fan of Conspirare for several years now, and am consistently intrigued by how vocal ensembles also work using only their voices, but create such radically different work from mine. There are a lot of natural synergies between our art forms, and I am incredibly excited to see the end result.” — poet Danny Strack

“Be prepared to have your mind blown! Nothing compares to how compelling, motivating, passionate and dynamic this type of poetry performance is.” — poet Lacey Roop

“I am really looking forward to digging into some slam poetry. The whole idea of mixing musical and poetic voices is so compelling. Experimentation, improvisation, and collaboration are my favorite ways to make music, and having absolutely no idea what to expect is always a thrill for me.” — singer Cameron Beauchamp

Fusion Rehearsal Videos

“Drop”: a first attempt by Conspirare singers and slam poets as poetry merges with song

“Fusion” polyphony

This program is supported by donations to Conspirare’s new Fund for Artistic Innovation, a component of A Legacy of Sound.

Season Sustaining Underwriter

Season Sustaining Underwriter