05.20.17 (8pm), Saturday

Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church
7127 Bee Cave Rd, Austin, TX
Preconcert talk by Songs for Muska composer Jocelyn Hagen at 7pm (included in ticket)

Only one Austin performance!

Craig Hella Johnson will curate an eclectic and refreshing program featuring an 18-voice Conspirare ensemble singing across a broad musical spectrum. Classical, folk and popular styles and idioms will be represented in a musical journey that explores the beautiful and extraordinary ways words and music encompass the journey of women.

Featuring a Workshop Performance of Songs for Muska

Composer Hagen

Also included will be a workshop performance of a newly commissioned choral work for Conspirare from composer Jocelyn Hagen based upon folk poetry by Pashtun women. From Jocelyn Hagen: “This new work brings life to poetry written by repressed female poets of Afghanistan, and sheds light on an astounding oral tradition that not even the harshest of regimes could completely suppress.” Songs for Muska will include landays (2-line folk couplets) translated by Eliza Griswold (journalist and co-author of I Am the Beggar of the World ) and poems by young women translated by Farzana Marie (poet and president of Civil Vision International).

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Program Booklet

Pre-concert talk by composer Jocelyn Hagen one hour before each performance

Composer Jocelyn Hagen will discuss the poetry of Songs for Muska. Several movements are based on landays, folk poetry from an oral tradition by Pashtun women. Other movements are based on Farzana Marie’s translations of poetry composed in the Persian Dari language by women poets in the Herat region. Together these poems give a glimpse of the linguistic and geographic diversity of this country with a rich literary tradition. 


Additional Texas Performance Dates

5/19/17 (7:30pm) Friday

First Unitarian Universalist Church
5200 Fannin St. HOUSTON
Preconcert talk by
Songs for Muska composer Jocelyn Hagen at 6:30pm (included in ticket)
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5/21/17 (4pm) Sunday

Temple Beth-El
211 Belknap Pl. SAN ANTONIO
Preconcert talk by Songs for Muska composer Jocelyn Hagen at 3pm (included in ticket)
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Artists Performing
Conspirare Singers and Instrumentalists


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Season Sustaining Underwriter