Kevin Puts

Kevin Puts
(Andrew Shapter)


Conspirare / Craig Hella Johnson
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra / Marin Alsop

Harmonia Mundi HMU 907580 – 60’02”

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♦ Tracks 1-10 recorded September/October 2012 at St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, Austin, TX
♦ Tracks 11-14 recorded live June 2012 at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore, MD

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Kevin Puts is known for his distinctive and richly colored musical voice. Making their label début, Marin Alsop and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra perform Puts’ Symphony No. 4 (“From Mission San Juan”), inspired by Native American melodies. Opening this program of world première recordings, Craig Hella Johnson leads Conspirare in two choral settings of texts by women poets: “To Touch the Sky” and “If I Were a Swan.” (from Harmonia Mundi package notes). Mela Dailey, Conspirare solo soprano.

“I refer to Kevin Puts as a ‘break-through’ composer because it is my opinion that he will soon be a household name in American music …”  read more by Daniel Coombs at Audiophile Audition

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Conspirare, Craig Hella Johnson

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Marin Alsop

  • Symphony No. 4 “From Mission San Juan,”  2007
  • 11. I. Prelude: Mission San Juan Bautista, ca. 1800
  • 12. II. Arriquetpon (diary of Francisco Arroyo de la Cuesta, 1818)
  • 13. III. Interlude
  • 14. IV. Healing Song