Conspirare is grateful for the many contributions of Staff, Board, and Artists.







Craig Hella Johnson email Artistic Director

Ann McNair email Managing Director

Ellen Culver Digital Content Coordinator

Scott Dinger email Development Specialist

Rick Gabrillo email Associate Conductor

Robert Harlan email Technical Director and Stage Manager

Briona Jenkins Marketing Specialist

Meri Krueger email Artist Relations

Jaime Leighton email Production Administrator and Webmaster

Kathy Leighton email House Manager

Ali Lewis email Conspirare Concierge

Jane Ramirez email Business Manager

Kendall Walshak email Production Assistant

Current Openings

Conspirare is seeking its next Director of Development. Click here​ for more information and how to apply.

Internship Program

Board of Directors

  • Nancy Lesch, Chair, Health and Wellness Strategist and Consultant
  • Robert Harlan, Vice Chair, Owner, Harlan Enterprises
  • William G. Fivecoat, Treasurer, CPA (ret.)
  • William C. Bednar, Secretary, Attorney, Independent Practice
  • Camille Atkins, Business Management & Finance
  • Kenneth H. Beck, Co-Founder, The Crossings (ret.)
  • Marvin J. Brittman, Legal Executive (ret.)
  • Carl Caricari, Founder, Caricari Consultants, Technology/Business Consultants
  • Fran Collmann, Owner, TesCom (ret.)
  • Mary Anne Connolly, Founder/Chief Creative Officer, MACMedia
  • Susanna Finnell, Director of Admissions, Adjunct Professor of English, University of Houston (ret.)
  • Sandra Fivecoat, Consultant & Executive Coach In Memoriam 
  • Elliott Forrest, Broadcaster/Producer/Director/Designer, WQXR, NY
  • Marcus Cruz Sanchez, Director of Communications and Marketing, Kind Clinic
  • Lucy Tiblier, Paralegal
  • Joni Wallace, Dentist, Dr. Joni Wallace, DDS

(Top, left to right:) Marvin Brittman, Mark Bierner, Robert Harlan, Bill Fivecoat, Mary Anne Connolly, Kenneth H. Beck, Sandra Fivecoar, Marcus Sanchez. (Bottom, left to right:) Ann McNair (Managing Director), Craig Hella Johnson (Artistic Director), Nancy Lesch, Joni Wallace, Susanna Finnell. Photo credit: Fabian Villa

Advisory Board

  • Stephen Aechternacht
  • John Aielli
  • Sue Barnes
  • Ray Brimble
  • David Claflin
  • Tom Driscoll
  • Virginia Dupuy
  • Maydelle Fason
  • JoLynn Free
  • Billy Gammon
  • Vance George
  • Helen Hays
  • Dan Herd
  • William B. Hilgers
  • Judith Jellison
  • Bob Murphy
  • Lynn Murphy
  • Cliff Redd
  • Gayle Glass Roche
  • Nancy Scanlan
  • Angela Smith
  • Bernadette Tasher
  • Louann Temple
  • Eva Womack
  • Midge Woolsey


Conspirare Ambassadors volunteer as ushers, CD sales associates, artist hosts, and for other concert functions. We invite new volunteers who would enjoy meeting the public and contributing to Conspirare’s operations to contact House Manager Kathy Leighton to learn more.

Conspirare offers a variety of opportunities for individuals and corporations to join its musical circle through gifts of time, energy, and talent.

Concert ambassadors serve as ticket takers, ushers, and CD sellers at performances. Office volunteers work at Conspirare headquarters on special projects such as music library upkeep, archiving press clippings, and yes, stuffing envelopes. Hosting volunteers house out-of-town Conspirare singers and instrumentalists during concert series.

In October of 2018, Conspirare launched its first ever Corporate Ambassador program. Says Henry Leighton, President of CAS Consulting and Services, Inc., “CAS is so appreciative of the new Conspirare opportunity of being ‘Corporate Ambassadors.’ CAS covered the Big Sing at the new Austin Central Library and the staff are still talking about it months later. We were given the chance to combine an important team-building need with supporting a world-class organization, while letting our stodgy ‘engineer hair’ down. It was so fun, and we’ll do it again!”

Volunteer roles are assigned according to interests and skills, and training is provided as needed. Send us an email to find out how you can be a part of the circle of Conspirare.

Featured Conspirare Ambassador

Alice Day

“Being an Ambassador allows me the privilege of playing a small part in supporting the essential work of bringing outstanding musical performances to our community.”

Craig Hella Johnson likes to remind us that Conspirare means to breathe together. I believe that is the secret to this amazing vocal group’s success. Every vocalist in the group possesses incredible skills, but when they perform, they breathe together. The focus is on the whole, rather than its parts. No prima donnas in this group!

I am a Conspirare Ambassador because I am an unabashed groupie. I try never to miss a Conspirare concert. I love the variety of music they perform and the brilliant, creative way Craig Hella Johnson combines musical styles even in a single piece. Craig’s first concert-length work, Considering Matthew Shepard, is a favorite of mine. It was made even more meaningful to me because I was privileged to hear him speak about the creative process that produced this beautiful piece, which is filled with both exquisite sadness and uplifting hope. Somehow it is able to transcend tragedy. It will be a classic.

Being an Ambassador allows me the privilege of playing a small part in supporting the essential work of bringing outstanding musical performances to our community. I enjoy the staff and the other Ambassadors, whether we are ushering at a concert or helping out in the office. The bond we share is created by our talented leader, Kathy Leighton, who makes our work fun, and fostered by the general goodness of the people involved. Join us!