These sheet music downloads include both the High and Low voicing options.

Conspirare is excited to collaborate with composer Reena Esmail and poet Amy Fogerson on a unique project to bring Quarantine Madrigals to life and encourage singers everywhere to sing these unique songs. Composed in response to the pandemic, Composer Reena Esmail says that Quarantine Madrigals is intended to “trace the break from society, the descent into isolation, and the eventual return to one another” experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. She selected the madrigal format to allow the work to be sung with one solo voice on each part. The lyrics to each madrigal are haikus by poet and singer Amy Fogerson.

“They [Quarantine Madrigals] are fascinating little pieces and completely an outgrowth of this COVID time we have all experienced,” he says. “In addition to being living pieces for musicians to engage with, I feel they will also become extraordinary snapshots of this monumental time. This is art that is utterly of this time and in the future, they will provide glimpses into some of the many challenging and tender aspects of this historic pandemic.”

– Craig Hella Johnson

On March 15, Craig Hella Johnson, composer Reena Esmail, and singers Kathlene Ritch, soprano and Enrico Lagasca, bass hosted a live premiere featuring singer performance videos and conversation.

The Quarantine Madrigals YouTube channel includes all videos, with solo and combined voices. These will be updated each week of Madrigal Mondays, beginning on March 22.

This Week’s Featured Madrigal Playlist

These sheet music downloads include both the High and Low voicing options.

Conspirare singers created video recordings for each part – download and create your own performances with these videos!  Upload to YouTube and add to the Quarantine Madrigals playlists (organized by madrigal) for a chance to be featured on Madrigal Mondays each week on Monday beginning March 22.

Upload your video and add them to the playlist for each movement on the Quarantine Madrigals YouTube Channel.  Please use hashtags #quarantinemadrigals and #QMad1, #QMad2, #QMad3, etc (the number after QMad refers to the movement number).

In order to add your videos to the playlist, you will need to do the following:

  1. Log into your personal YouTube account.
  2. Upload your video(s).
  3. Click on the playlist link(s) where you want to add your videos. Direct links to each QM playlist are listed below.
  4. Click the “SAVE PLAYLIST” icon under the title of the playlist (it is the symbol with 3 parallel lines with a + sign) to become a collaborator.
  5. Go to the video you uploaded and want to add to the playlist and click the save icon under the video.
  6. Select the playlist you want to add your video to.
  7. Smile proudly!

Links for the collaborative playlists:

QM I. Yesterday

QM II. In isolation

QM III. The mirror reflects

QM IV. Standing here alone

QM V. I Long for Your Voice

QM VI. Possibility

QM VII. Hello

QM Postlude: Together at last

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