Craig Hella Johnson Solo Recording

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With Eliza Gilkyson, Bion Tsang, Carr Hornbuckle, Stephanie Moore, Kathlene Ritch, Bukka Allen, Bryan Austin, Kim Deschamps, Kullen Fuchs, Michael Hynes, Andre Moran, Brian Standefer

  1. Live Forever (B. Shaver, E. Shaver)
  2. Anastasia’s Eyes (D. Fogelberg)
  3. Human Heart (L. Ahrens, S. Flahert, arr. CHJ)
  4. Hard Times (S. Foster, arr. CHJ)
  5. Hush (traditional)
  6. Angel Be (CHJ, W. Wills)
  7. Will There Really be a Morning? (CHJ, E. Dickinson)
  8. Ring Them Bells (B. Dylan)
  9. Unending Love (CHJ)
  10. All That a Heart (CHJ)
  11. The Way That You Are (E. Gilkyson)
  12. Killing Me Softly (N. Gimbel, C. Fox)